Violating The Ceasefire Agreement

Our request from the army is simply to stop the mortar fire and stop the mujahideen. But the army is not responsible. They say that the mujahideen hide from them and cross paths. Of course, the army also helped to control the mujahideen to some extent. They pushed them to stop after the 2003 ceasefire, which is why the fire was stopped. But today, they tell us that infiltration no longer takes place, and we see it as a lie. After magrib (sunset), we see their vehicles.36 In the last few hours, #Azerbaijan have not only begun to #Stepanakert, but also #Martuni to hit #Shushi and other towns/villages of #Artsakh/#Karabakh. A house has been burned down in Stepanakert, there is also other damage we are checking. The ceasefire is therefore not respected by Azerbaijan, why??? Khokhar added that the 2003 ceasefire had worked well to a point, but that it was ultimately the victim of changes in the internal policy of both countries.

India`s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has returned to the opposition, where it has criticized any possible compromise with Pakistan. Meanwhile, Musharraf was replaced by civilian leaders, who were also criticized by the military for any compromise with India. The 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks sealed the fate of bilateral talks. The November 2003 ceasefire agreement marked a turning point in the tense bilateral relations between India and Pakistan. It came after a long cycle of violence along the 725-kilometre control line (LoC), which divides jammu and cashmere into two parts. A framework of trusted military measures (CBM) that kept artillery pieces at least 20 km from the LoC, promising a continuous halt to heavy fire, ensued. In a statement condemning Azerbaijan`s „treacherous violation” of the humanitarian ceasefire agreement, the Artsakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs also stressed the importance of recognizing the Republic`s independence. „Azerbaijan`s actions have shown once again that this is a rogue state that is not ready to fulfil its obligations, if only for minutes,” he said. „Recognition of the independence of the Artsakh Republic remains the only way for the international community to stop the rogue state.” It was good to see the human spirit reigning between all sides on the front, sharing and brotherhood. All was well until the senior commanders learned of the effects of the ceasefire, assuring their anger at a return to hostilities.

[10] The army claimed to have killed at least 12 militants in the last week of July in the Kupwara sector in northern Kashmir, and more than 40 ceasefire violations have taken place in the Jammu Division in the recent past. On 11 August, a soldier of the Border Protection Force (BSF) was killed at the international border in Jammu in Pakistani fire. YEREVAN, Armenia — On Monday, Armenia and Azerbaijan accused each other of violating the new ceasefire announced the day before to end fighting around the breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh region, which has killed hundreds and possibly thousands in just four weeks.

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