Interpretation Service Agreement

1.1. After fulfilling the conditions of Article 1, the contractor undertakes to carry out the work in accordance with the contract and taking into account the agreed language, time and delivery method. 1. The price is determined on the basis of the current price list of the services provided by the contractor and the method of calculating prices described in the price list. The INTERPRESS-SERVICES CONTRACTOR must not provide the Canadian government with goods or services subject to economic sanctions. 9.1. To the extent that the law allows, the company is not liable to the customer for: (i) the shortfall; (ii) loss of business; (iii) loss of revenue; or (iv) indirect or consecutive damage; or in connection with the agreement, services or order. 9.2. Subject to paragraph 9.1 and to the extent permitted by law, the company`s overall liability in the contract, in fact unlawful (including negligence) or by any other means, but as part of or under that agreement, may not exceed the price paid by the customer to the Company for services during the 12 months immediately preceding liability. 9.3. The company assumes no responsibility to the customer in the event of innocent or reckless misrepresentation. based on a statement made by us or on behalf of us prior to the agreement, either orally or in writing, and you do not have the right to withdraw the contract for such a misrepresentation. 9.4.

If work performed by the client is used for purposes other than those performed, the client is not entitled to compensation from the company. 9.5. The customer acknowledges that any material that will be transmitted to you by and to you on the Internet cannot be guaranteed, that it is free of risk of interception, even if it is coded, and that we have no responsibility for the loss, corruption or interception of materials. For translation work: (i) While the company strives to obtain an accurate and idiomatic translation of the original text, the client accepts that a translation can read other than the correct original writing and, therefore, the company is not responsible for an alleged lack of publicity or impact on turnover. (ii) The company is not responsible for errors made in converting one measurement system to another, transliteration of correct names and other substants from one script to another, or translation of abbreviations, and we are not responsible for errors resulting from the illegibility of the material you have provided or losses or damages resulting from them.

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