Uf Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement

However, despite this disappointing counter-offer, the negotiating team received a one-time bonus of 1% for all faculties, with a minimum of $1,000 for our lowest paid colleagues. The remainder of the payment is awarded in the form of a one-time premium of 3%, which is distributed according to the individual directives of the departments. For more information on the ongoing CBA 2020-22 negotiations, click here (link). KP teachers are committed to researching and reflecting on their own practice and sharing what they learn with other educators across the state, nation and around the world. They study and evaluate new ideas in teaching and learning to make learning and academic success accessible to all members of their diverse student community. PK teachers are consistently well above the national average and 71% of faculties are graduates of higher education; 18% have a degree or a doctorate. Even with this high caliber of teaching, PK Yonge is ranked 67th out of 75 school districts in Florida in terms of teacher pay, while the state of Florida is ranked 45th in the nation in terms of teacher pay. For example, Bourn and Geiger have mostly advocated an increase in the salaries of PK teachers in order to make them more compatible with their neighbouring pay plan for the Alachua school district. This agreement was ratified by the negotiating unit and the foundation board. It was in effect on October 1, 2019. On the other hand, the UFF negotiating team wants the UFF`s right to automatically deduct voluntary contributions from members to be maintained until the end of the new CBA, regardless of the vagaries of national or federal law.

Such an approach is consistent with recognized legal principles that make new laws or regulations cannot retroactively follow the provisions of a collective agreement without writing. Until negotiations are concluded and a new KBA is ratified, the current KBA will remain in force. The process of switching to the new CBA remains difficult, but feasible. Their membership and support will be essential, as important issues remain on the table, including faculty evaluation, mandate and promotion, salary, non-discrimination, conflicts of interest, P.K. Yonge-specific provisions and paid resignations. The agreement provides for a one-time flat-rate bonus for all members of the bargaining unit. The money available for this bonus is 4% of the salaries of all faculty members. But we can only win them with your solidarity and support. Please help us and your colleagues by considering participating in the rounds of negotiations when they resume in January. In April 2019, our negotiating team proposed a complete review of Article 21 of the current collective agreement. This article deals with family, medical and parental leave.

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