Charter Bus Rental Agreement

Charter bookings can be made electronically via the Gogo Charters – website or by phone. Until the Gogo Charters booking is confirmed in writing (including by email), you or Gogo Charters bookings may change. You agree that Gogo Charters requires, at its sole discretion, that all payments over $5,000 be made by cheque or electronic transfer. Refusal to pay by cheque or electronic transfer does not cancel this agreement and does not waive cancellation fees in accordance with Section 2. This agreement regulates your purchase of charter bus services (Charter Services). Fuel Supplement – B-W Charters reserves the right to calculate up to 5% of the total cost of the charter to cover an increase in fuel prices due to sudden market price shocks. You will be informed if this increase is required at least 14 days before departure. Please budget accordingly. The charter company is responsible for the damage caused to the bus and is charged accordingly for damage to them or their passengers. Driver`s money is not included in all charter rates. If it is not included in your charter price, you must tip your driver in advance or at the end of your trip.

Our drivers work for advice. On request, we can pay your contract fees directly on your contractual costs. If your contract does not contain advice, you should tilt your driver. The standard fee varies between 10% and 25% of contract costs. 26% is highly appreciated by our drivers. Typically, confirmations require a down payment of 10% of the total cost or $100 per bus, plus there are. This is due at the time of booking before sending a confirmation. If you pay by cheque, please write the charter number on your cheque.

If you pay by credit card, a convenience tax equal to 1% of the calculated amount can be added to the cost of the charter. The final payment is due at least 30 days before departure, unless the trip is booked less than 30 days before departure. In this case, the payment is due at the discretion of the B-W Charters Management. Payments within 14 days of departure must be in cash, cash, cash, payment order, bank transfer or credit card. (ii) The litigation forum. In the event that the conciliation agreement in this section 8 (b) does not apply to you or your application, you and Gogo Charters agree that any legal proceedings (with less than appeals against minor claims) are exclusively and exclusively in the procedure department and other applicable rules of procedure of the federal or regional courts of Fulton County, Georgia.

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