Assumption Four Agreements

I read a book called The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, and an entire chapter was devoted to raising awareness of our tendencies to the hypothesis. The chapter is called „Don`t Make Assumptions.” This week I had the chance to chat with the incredible JT McCormick, the CEO of Scribe Media, who last year published David Goggin`s inspirational book and a New York Times bestseller, Can`t Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds. JT speaks eloquently about the success of Scribe Media, a company to which he was invited after using his services to write his own book, while he was CEO of a software company. Here`s the trick….. If you were not aware of JT, you would forgive assuming that he grew up in a loving household, probably the middle class, received great training and graduated from a renowned American university. But that would be a ferocious and imprecise assumption. JT is a mixed breed. His father was a black pimp and drug dealer and his mother a white orphan (he has no idea where his last name comes from). He does not have a university degree. He was abused as a child growing up, a childhood that also saw him several times as a „teenager”. Oh, and there was the homeless. His real name is not even JT.

Jevon became JT because he grew up, because he didn`t want to be excluded from interviews because of his skin color, an assumption that he says comes from Jevon`s name, so he changed his name to JT in his early twenties. „In the whole war of control between people, it`s about making assumptions and taking things in person.” The Four Accords, Chapter 4 Thanks Tracy! I am so grateful to have been curious to hear what you had to say when you appeared on my Facebook news feed. Last week my husband went to an alcohol Bender and I tried not to react (once again) you know, don`t let anyone get angry when they`re out of the head. When things develop, I realize that I thought it was going to be mastered after losing three jobs that make the behavior of the SIH. This is not my first rodeo. My first man was also an alcoholic. I think after carefully looking at my hypothesis, when I took it. First husband I dated for three years and second for five years. They were on his best behavior until I married her.

Then hell was lost, the first husband lasted only two years, then the second lasted 23 years before coming out of the depths. I got a note from my husband telling me he`s throwing in the towel and running with it. He may be trying to create a drama, but I`m done. So I accepted the situation. It`s divorce time! I think my question would be: why in the world do I prefer men like that, even after careful consideration? I know the grass on the other side is not greener, but I know it`s going to be okay! Thanks to Kathy Quinn 🙂 We can make all kinds of assumptions because we often don`t have the courage to ask direct questions. Instead, ask the intelligent questions that lead to the truth and avoid the drama of acceptance. Clarity in our communication, the use of our logical human brain is the key to dispelling the toxic nature of vapors in our hypotheses. As Don Miguel says forcefully, I appreciate your comment. Thank you for your kind words. Not taking things personally and not making assumptions is very closely linked, because the two are based on our own reality. If you can accept that other people have different realities from you (based on their beliefs, experiences, etc.), you can start to see their words and actions that are around them, not you. This applies to both agreements, as they go hand in hand.

We assume we know what people think, and then we customize it to do it on us. If you`re waiting for someone`s text and they`re not coming, you might think it`s because they met someone else.

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