Air Charter Agreement

11. PREIS-QUOTES: The cost estimate made available to the customer for each specific charter offer is subject to the following conditions: Domestic and international flights may be subject to federal excise or federal departure tax. JetsetPrivate Air adds the tax applicable to each charter bill using the current rate, and the customer pays these amounts. The customer is aware that the cost estimate presented by JetsetPrivate Air includes estimates for certain cost items. The customer pays the actual amount of taxes, royalties, fuel surcharges, overflight permits, landing fees, catering costs; ground transportation, flight telephone, WIFI, telephone, customs duties, crew travel and similar expenses for services provided, if these amounts differ from the original cost estimate. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DE-ICING FEE IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE OFFER AND MAY VARY DEPENDING ON THE CONDITIONS AND SIZE OF THE AIRCRAFT. DIGES FEES ARE CHARGED ACCORDINGLY AFTER THE TRIP IS COMPLETED. If a derogation from the original itinerary has been requested by the customer and agreed by JetsetPrivate Air, or if such a waiver is caused or necessitated by the Customer`s actions, the amount the customer owes to JetsetPrivate Air may differ from the initial costs. 5.04 MONTREAL CONVENTION. CARRIER`s liability for any passenger on international flights is limited by the rules and restrictions established by the Agreement on the Uniformity of Certain Rules for International Air Travel, signed in Montreal, Canada, on May 28, 1999 („Montreal Convention”), which applies to or from the charter flights under the aerostricting point or points of this point.

, to the extent that this Montreal Convention is applicable. With respect to passengers travelling abroad to, either in or with an agreed stop in the United States of America, the Montreal Convention and special transportation contracts, the carrier`s liability (CARRIER) in the event of the passenger`s death or bodily harm, in most cases, does not exceed 113,100 special drawing rights per passenger and that this liability until this limit, does not depend on the negligence of the carrier (CARRIER). For more information on the current value of a special drawing right, see 3.01 CHARTER PRICE – SET. Unless otherwise stated in this agreement: the planned charter price includes all operating costs of the aircraft on the intended route, incidental costs, such as fuel, on-board equipment and catering, air and air assistance on the ground, aircraft maintenance, navigation and overflight charges, airport charges, crew costs (including salaries) , regime transfers, hotel and ground transfers), carrier`s liability and hull insurance, as well as taxes and charges, with the exception of fees charged and collected by individual passengers.

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